Expert Tuition

Small Classes

Director: Bill Porter B.A. M.Phil (Hons) Auckland University




I normally teach in small groups of 4-5 students, however each student will be working on the areas he or she most needs at the time so students will not need to worry about "keeping up". I explain how to do each type of problem, and them leave the student to try some on their own for a few minutes. That way I will know that they have understood what I have said, and they will have a chance to get comfortable with each new method. Often I will have to fill gaps in their background knowledge before they can understand current topics. I like to think of these as "building blocks". Once I am satisfied that they have mastered each type of problem I set homework and move on to the next level or the next topic. Doing the homework is essential to retaining what has been learnt so that we don't have to go over the same material two weeks later. We can then "build" rather than "repair". I have a range of text books here, and I have written my own notes and practice material which I photocopy as required.

The first areas I usually work on are those being currently covered in the student's class so that they can return to their next class with more knowledge and confidence. To this end, students should bring with them their text books and exercise books from school where possible. Failing that they should write down the types of problems they are doing so that I can work out the areas being covered. They should also bring along two 1J8 exercise books.

Each lesson is normally for 2 hours. Very young students (up to year 8) or students wishing to try me out may book for 1 hour at a time.

The results of this systematic method, combined with conscientious homework, are normally spectacular (see below for results)

Rates (all lessons are for 2 hours)

  Up to year 11 Year 12 and 13
Casual $90 per lesson $100 per lesson
5 lessons $400 $450
10 lessons                  $750 $850

All fees must be paid at least 48 hours in advance of the first lesson

Lesson Times for Term 2, 2023

Monday to Friday 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Sunday 1 pm to 3 pm

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"My children really enjoy coming here" - David

"Hi Bill, just thought you might to know that Arran is in his last semester studying for a Bachelor Of Engineering Technology at Unitec. He has been getting great grades (A's) and has landed himself a great job at a civil engineering company at years end. Frances and I would like to thank you for the expert training and tuition to Arran which we believe was material in Arran's success."

"It has been many years since I had tackled any maths other than that required for everyday living.  I approached Bill Porter three weeks before a Level 1 University Statistics paper.  As I had struggled significantly with this paper, I told Bill that my aim was to obtain a C grade required to pass the paper.  Bill utilised different approaches to teach concepts when I had difficulty grasping them.  We also worked through old exam papers and ascertained the likely content of what would be in my exam.

Three weeks later, when I entered the exam room, I felt that I had a good chance of achieving the C grade I desired.  Confirmation of my results for the statistics paper produced a B grade.  I was extremely relieved and excited to have achieved this grade and acknowledge that without Bill's tuition, passing this paper would not have been possible.

Bill’s patience, knowledge and professionalism during my tuition were exemplary.  I cannot thank Bill enough for helping me to achieve my goal and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring maths tuition at any level."

Michelle Shepherd BBS

"My daughter did very well in her end of year exams and I think she went into the exams feeling a lot more confident and less stressed,
so the lessons were definitely money well spent." ( Name withheld at student's request)

"My daughter really enjoyed her first session last week and was really impressed as she grasped a concept regarding the graphs which she hadn't managed to before. I think you hit the nail on the head with her shortcomings regarding decimals, she does seem to have a bit of a gap there."





Jervis - First place for Science at the International Scholars Competition in Thailand

Rachel – excellent for number internal

Dhrov – 91 % for Milestone on Science year 9

Arika – “has been getting 100% in maths” – high excellence

Aiden 84% year 10 accel

Han top of class for scholarship maths

Vani – 45% to 73% for science in 1 term

 Xin Lan – 77% AS Maths mock exam

 Zack – Excellent for English mock exam level 2

Emily - excellence for NCEA level 3 Integration mock exam

Marianne – “Thanks for all the love and effort with the kids. They really seem to love going to class”



Jervis is a year 9 student now studying at a year 13 level !

(He will shortly start studying for scholarship maths)

Han – Only excellence in class for year 12 algebra topic test
20 excellent credits for year 12 maths ( Han was in year 11 last year)

Jervis is a year 9 student now studying at a year 13 level !
He will shortly start studying for scholarship maths

Rachel  – 92% for year 9 maths

Svasti - 86% for year 9 maths

Arika  excellence for latest number test (3rd) high excellence for measurement

 Connor – 36/41 for test on Vectors and Calculus

Rachel  – 92% for year 9 maths

Dhrov – “extending” in year 8

Bethany – “extending” in year 8

Juno -  "extending" at BBI

Han – Only excellence in class for year 12 algebra topic test
Arika  excellence for latest number test (3rd) high excellence for measurement
Yousef – 100% for number – 39/40 for algebra
Grace – 85% for year 13 Cambridge Mid-year

Dhrov – 2nd in Algebra test

Zack – Merit for linear algebra internal
Ella – 79 % for year 11 maths milestone
Cyrus – 80% for maths milestone year 11 (3rd in class)
 75% for science
Naman – 80% for year 9 maths milestone

Jacob - 97% for A-level statistics mock exam

Milan - Excellence for year 12 maths modelling

Niek - Excellence for year 12 trig internal

Rohan C - 85% for term 2 exam - up from nearly the bottom of the class to 3rd in class!

Cyrus - up from 40% to 60% for year 10 Science

Rima - 3rd in class for year 11 maths.
Now putting up her hand to answer the teacher's questions

Arika - Top equal in class - Won the Principal's Prize


Jessaien - A pass for Macleans Certificate

Divya – 30% to 67% in 2 months
Rohan M – 70% for Maclean's certificate Maths
Anna -69% for Maclean's certificate Maths
Anonymous - $20,000 scholarship to Auckland University for top performer award
Milan – Excellence for year 12 Chem mock exam

Rohan C -  85% for year 10 maths at Auckland Grammar

Jacob - 97% for A-level statistics mock exam

Milan - Excellence for year 12 maths modelling

Niek - Excellence for year 12 trig internal

Rohan C - 85% for term 2 exam - up from nearly the bottom of the class to 3rd in class!

Cyrus - up from 40% to 60% for year 10 Science

Rima - 3rd in class for year 11 maths.
Now putting up her hand to answer the teacher's questions



Jacob –  87% for physics structured questions
Dulina - 95% Statistics 87% Pure Maths for A2 level mocks
Oliver – Excellent for level 3 mechanics milestone

Josh - Excellent for systems of equations.
Student who wishes to remain anonymous -

Level 2 Calculus 22/24
Level 2 Algebra 22/24
Level 2 Statistics 24/24

Aakarsh – Excellent for Chem year 12 “precipitants”
Oliver  – High Excellent for year 13 trigonometry internal
Jacqueline 95% (2nd in class) for milestone test on number
  Victoria – Merit for stats internal on inference

Emma – 2nd I class for year 12 systems of equations.
Harrison – 1st equal in fractions test – 59/60
Finn – E+ for year 12 trig internal


Divya – top 100 in NZ for year 9 Otago Maths competition

Ben - Excellent for Co-ordinate Geometry internal,
High Merit for Calculus Mock, Merit for Algebra

Crystal - 3 Merits for latest Year 12 mocks

Jacob - 82% for the latest AS mocks



Aryan - up from 49% at mid-year to 70% for the latest IG mocks

Anahita - Excellence for Mathematical modelling & coordinate geometry,
2nd in class for Calculus
Emma -  one of two Excellents for MCAT mock exam

 Ashley – 78% for milestone test
Josh – Merit for Year 13 Stats internal
Lorenzo – Excellents for year 13 Maths, Physics and Chemistry internals
Claire – Excellent for all subjects
"Sanjula got selected for accelerated maths - B class.

Thanks for brainstorm tuition 👍.
We are very thankful to you and Rachel."
(81% for latest milestone test on Numbers.)

Nora – High Merit for Internal on Trigonometry
Cynthia – 93% for combined science, 87% for maths “She did very well with your help”
Victoria – High Merit for internal on Statistics
David – 96% for latest milestone – promoted to the accelerated class
Vicky – excellent for probability internal – one of 3 in the class
Josh – 2 excellents for maths Year 11 graphs and geometry
Anahita – excellence for co-ordinate geometry Lorenzo – excellent for mid-year exam
Dulina – 3rd in class with 90% AS maths
Riley – achieve and merit for last two English internals after only 5 lessons



Bloom: 87% for IGCSE Biology
Also 83%for Chem, 80% for Maths and 71% for Physics

Archi: 80% for AS Physics

Vincent: Merit for Level 2 Maths, and Overall Merit for Level 2

Ryan: Merit for Level 2 Calculus

Anthony: Merit for Level 1 Maths

Vicky: High Achieved for Year 10

Dulina: 95% for IGCSE Maths
We believe, your tips, guidance and everything has enabled him to do well.
Thank you very much for everything you did for him.

Jacob - 77% for IGCSE Maths
(Jacob is only in year 10)

Anahita - Mostly Excellents for level 1 Maths and Science:

Acids and Bases                 Achieved with Merit
Mechanics:                               Achieved with Excellence
Genetic Variation:                    Achieved with Excellence
Tables, Equations, Graphs:     Achieved with Excellence
Chance and Data:                   Achieved with Excellence

Lorenzo: Excellence for Level 2 Maths
(Lorenzo is only in year 11)

Linda: Merit for MCAT
I'm pretty satisfied with my math results.
Got an M for MCAT, and A's for the other two which were really hard.
Thank you for letting me achieve the grades that I wanted, I am aiming for an Excellent this year

Mehtab: 89% for Cambridge A Level Maths

Kayomi: 84% for Cambridge AS Biology

Kayomi: 82% for Cambridge AS Chemistry

“Thank you for the hard work you have put in” – Ronnie Patrawala

Thanve: 74% for Cambridge A Level Maths

Aidan: 87% for Cambridge IG Level Maths

(Aidan is officially only in year 10)

Anahita: Excellence for NCEA Level 1 Maths and Science

Shakil and Paige: Excellents for Year 13 Trigonometry internals

Mehtab: 92% for Cambridge AS Maths

Nelson : 89 % for Cambridge IGCSE Maths

Ditoya : 86% for Cambridge IGCSE Maths

Nicholas : 82% for Cambrdige IGCSE Maths

Duvithri : 92% for Year 10 Maths - 3rd in class

Spencer : 2nd in class for year 10 Algebra

Lorenzo : All Excelllents so far for year 12 Maths,
which is especially impressive because he is only in year 11.
We are already practising end-of-year papers for the externals.


Duvithri - 96% for year 10 measurement and Trigonometry
(2nd in class)

Anahita – Distinction for Year 9 Australian Maths Competition

Nadia: credit for year 5 science ICAS

Alice : 93% for last Chemistry exam
Nelson : 86% for mid-year Maths

Kayomi: 78 % Maths Phys 86%

Lorenzo : excellent for Algebra mock exam
Khartik : A* for Physics and Chem IG last year
Mikhael :  Excellent for stats internal
Aakriti : Excellent for Internal – Systems of equations
Hayley :Merit for Stats 91035
Alice: 80% mid-year Maths
Georgia : Merit for linear graphs



88% for Mid-year AS Maths Exam


Excellent for Linear Algebra Internal Exam


Up from 42% to 65% in Maths


Excellent for Level 3 mock exams


Merit for Internal Exam on Light


1st in class for Integration Test


2nd highest in class for A level Statistics Exam


Up 11% over last term's Maths mark


90% for progress test in year 9 Maths


1st in class for Integration Test


Up 8% over last term's Maths mark


4th in his school for a nationwide year 13 maths competition


87% for mid-year exam. (The top mark was 90%)


Excellence for internal assessment in Physics


Top of his year 8 class in his last test


Excellence for internal assessment on Number


Merit for algebra test

"She is improving a lot" according to her mother


79% for her recent "Milestone Test" (Up from 38% last year)


86% for his recent "Milestone Test"


Excellence for internal assessment on Networks



72% for her Cambridge AS level mock exam

Up from 28% last time


80% for her English essay assignment


High merit for his internal stats exam 91266


82% for Cambridge AS level mock exam


Only girl in her school to achieve a distinction for the

ICAS science exam


Scored a Merit after tuition having failed the practice test.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending you." - Dylan's mother


One of 5 students in his class to achieve a Merit in his latest assessment.

(I have two students in this class and they both achieved merit.)


Nicole was one of 4 students to achieve a Merit for Transformation Geometry

"She says you explain it so she understands it." - Nicole's mother


Mystery Student

This student received Excellences for his last two year 12 assessments

but does not wish to be named


One of 3 students to achieve excellence for his recent year 12 internal in grpahs


Top marks for her biography of Sir Edmund Hillary. She was asked to donate her essay to the school


Nicole received an Achieved in her unit 91026 so that was wonderful 

She has gained so much more confidence with your tuition so we are really happy.


Top of her class at Macleans with 93%


2nd in her class Macleans with 91%
Rachel is doing a combined year 12/ year 13 Cambridge course


Yalini scored 91% in her class


 Excellent PLUS for internal exams for year 11 number problems


             One of three in his class to score a Merit for his number internal





Travis gained 71% for his latest Cambridge maths exam after only 6 lessons

He came 9th in class after being near the bottom.


David sored a merit plus for his mid-year exam at st Kentigerns after only a term with me

This puts him in the top 5 in his class with only two people actually beating him


Nahdia was one of only two students in her class to achieve an excellent

for her latest year 13 statistics internal exam on bivariate analysis


Simon achieved a merit for his year 10 mid-year exam at Sancta Maria

Simon is currently studying at a year 11 level with me and working through sample year 11 end-of year papers

I am expecting "excellent" results from him in 18 months' time



David scored 80% for his 1st year university mid-year exam on electrical engineering maths.

"I like your methods" he told me



B Pass for Year 13 Cambridge Exam
"Just want to thank you for all the help and support. So stoked with the results!"

Merit for NCEA Level 1 Maths
"Hi Bill. My exams went well. I got a merit in everything and I also got merit course endorsement in maths"

Credit for ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)
"Courtney scored in the top 22% of Year 6 students"

Gained entry to the university course he wanted
"I got quite a few merit and excellent questions correct thanks to your help
Thank you very much for your help and efficient teaching methods"

Number Skills Test  =   78% (median: 66%)
Fraction, Decimals, Percentage Skills Test = 88% (median: 52%)
Algebra Skills Test = 82% (median: 50%)
Measurement Skills Test = 74% (median: 58%)

"Overall, these are outstanding improvements! Now in the top 4!
 From an average student to an A student is pretty amazing."

Two merits and one excellent for NCEA Level 1
"Overall she had maths endorsed with merit and she is delighted - many thanks to you!"

92% for Foundation Algebra at AUT

"Good news re Ben!  He passed all four of his subjects for semester 2 and has been accepted to start an Engineering Degree
in Network Communications at AUT for semester 1.
Thanks again for your support and expert tutoring which certainly helped enable Ben to pass."

Jasmine  - Year 7
1st equal for her last test

Nathan  - Year 11
Top of his class in "Geometric Reasoning"

Shawn - Year 13
One of only 4 to achieve excellence in his statistics assessment

Ben  - University Foundation Year
92% for his test on Foundation Algebra at AUT

Raheel  - Year 8
Won the 'Principal's Prize" for most improved student in his class
"We're very pleased"

Simon  - Year 9
One of 2 students to achieve Excellent for his latest exam
"Up from Achieve in Term I"

Shawn  - Year 12
Merit for Year 12 statistics assessment
"I'm very happy"

Marco  - Year 9
Near Excellent for Graphs. Merit for Numbers. Near Merit for Algebra
"Thanks for your help"

Jared  - Year 11
Can now understand what's going on in class after only four lessons
"How come you know all this stuff" - Jared's classmates

Michelle  BBS
B pass for her University Statistics paper
"...without Bill's tuition, passing this paper would not have been possible."

B Pass for Year 11 Cambridge exam (70%)
"We were blown away."

Went from 58% to 92% in his Year 8 basic Maths skills
"We're very pleased"

88% for his latest Year 9 Maths test (Nearly Excellent)
"He now wants to get into the accelerated class. You and he are on the same wavelength"


4 Merits and 4 Achieves for Year 12 Maths
"You were a huge help."

4 Excellents and 2 Merits for Year 11 Maths
"Thank you for helping me to achieve my goal."

2 Excellents, 3 Merits and 1 Achieve for Year 11 Maths

"You made a huge difference to his achievements in Maths."

2 Excellents, 2 Merits and 1 Achieve
"Jordan went from failing everything at mid-year, to this!"

Passed Year 13 Satistics, also after a late start.
"Did well in the areas she covered with you"

Rochelle topped her Year 9 class at Barradene.
"Rochelle was one of only 12 girls to be selected for an accelerated group in 2011.
This group will study Year 11 Maths, skipping a year.